Review Requests

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Review Requests OPEN for Summer Posting

Please check out how I review books by either reading the How I Review Content or checking out an actual reviewΒ on this blog. All reviews will be my honest opinions and will generally be structured a certain way. Aside from this blog, reviews will also be posted on Goodreads, Amazon, Instagram, and Litsy. If there is another site you’d like me to leave a review on, let me know!

ACCEPTS: Physical copies, e-books, and audiobooks

Genres Generally Accepted

  • Anything with a fantasy or magical element is a major PLUS.
  • LGBTQ+ Content
  • Indie Books
  • Nonfiction: Art and some history related content
  • Comics, graphic novels, light novels, manga
  • Topics: first-generation Americans, mental health, disabilities, Mexican culture, and related themes

Genres Generally NOT Accepted

  • Scifi and high/epic fantasy
  • Contemporary, especially featuring m/f love interests
  • Poetry
  • Nonfiction: Subjects I Didn’t Mention Above
  • Religious Content

Content We Consider

  • Contemporary
  • Sequels
  • Historical Fiction
  • Anything else that wasn’t mentioned

Crimson responds to all inquiries within 24 hours. If accepted, feel free to provide any type of promotional content (trailer, excerpt, links) that we should add to the post. We would also appreciate an author blurb and image, and a large cover file. We will use this as our header image (unless there is a specific one sent to us).

Right now we are taking review requests that will be posted starting in June 2019. Please provide deadline details in the inquiry email along with the subject [REVIEW REQUEST]. Also, somewhere in your email let us know what your favorite color is!

We are a US-based reviewer