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#BESummer19: Showing off my Bookish Garden

Hey guys! So this is my first time doing a tag/prompt. I was so busy trying to choose a variety of flowers that the number of prompts got away from me…

So now there are 17 questions! I’d love it if you guys picked a book for all of them, but if it’s a lot, then try doing 10 of them. This post is for the Summer Bookend event, which you can learn more about in this announcement post. This is my second day hosting and you can find the full detailed prompt list for my days over on this post~

Here is my bookish garden



Petunias are a contradictory flower that symbolize anger and resentment, but also the desire to be with someone because of their soothing presence. 

For this flower, pick the first book that comes to mind that makes you feel conflicted enough to want to throw it across your room, but also curl it up beside you and coo softly

styxxFor this one, I’m going to go with Styxx! I think of the novel Styxx as the other half of Acheron and oh boy, it’s a bag of violence, but that’s not really the reason it makes me feel so conflicted. In Acheron, we get to meet Styxx and I was 100% sure nothing would ever make me forgive the guy. He was such a PRICK. Then Kenyon had to come out with Styxx’s side of the story and just…I had to go back on my thoughts. Here we learn that it wasn’t all fun and games for Styxx and he was treated just as harshly as Acheron. I hate everything that happens to both characters but I probably hate the fact that I feel more sympathy for Styxx. My brother refuses to read this one because he doesn’t want his opinions on Styxx to change

Trigger warnings for both of these books since they contain immense violence towards our main characters.

Also, pick a book for each color

2) For the purple petunia prompt, I chose Through the Zombie Glass, which is the second book in the White Rabbit Chronicles. I’ve talked about the first book before, and as I kept reading the series I felt each book was so perfect it felt off. I don’t know if that makes sense ^^;;

3) For the pink petunia prompt, I chose The Girl Who Drank the Moon, which is basically the story of a witch who takes in an abandoned child as her own! It’s a super cute fantasy read filled with moon magic

4) For the yellow petunia prompt, I chose The Way You Make Me Feel, a book that I read for a blog tour. While I wasn’t the biggest fan, I did like the frienship development between Clara and Rose!

5) For the red petunia prompt, I decided to choose Call Me By Your Name because I wasn’t convinced with how it ended. I loved everything about it but the end made it seem like a cop-out. Yes, I know, bisexual people don’t need to end up with a certain gender in order to make their sexuality valid, but just, I really wanted a happy ending to this m/m relationship. I don’t know if anyone feels the same way?



Roses are the go-tos when it comes to romance, love, and devotion. It was the flower that Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love was adorned with, and in Christian mythology, it was said roses bloomed where Christ died

For this flower, pick the first book that comes to mind that signifies true love to you.

dressmakerI decided to go with The Prince and the Dressmaker because I felt it depicted a really wholesome relationship in so few pages. Even though Sebastian didn’t want to reveal his identity at the start, for fear of how Frances would react to his love of beautiful dresses, their relationship developed to one with honesty and trust. They did have a hiccup along the way, since Sebastian feared for how society would react to his being Lady Crystallia, but I enjoyed how the two overcame this. In fact, the story even ends up with a happy ending Sebastian probably would never have envisioned

This is probably one of my favorite graphic novels

Also, pick a book for each color

7) For the pink rose, I chose Artemis Fowl. I wanted to pick the first book that made me want to start reading, but that seems to change depending on my memory. But Artemis Fowl has a soft spot in my memories because of a misunderstanding I had with the meaning of “hold this for me”. Plus, it probably was my first series I ended up loving

8) For the yellow rose, I decided to go with The Goblin Wood. I feel like the type of book I would gift a friend would vary on that friend and their preferences, but like Artemis Fowl, The Goblin Wood was one of those first books that I picked up that made me fall in love with reading. Plus, it’s a really good fantasy story that isn’t really about romance!

9) For the orange rose, I had a limited list of books to choose from (since I’m not a big contemporary reader). So I ended up choosing Park Bench. In this case, the main character is actually a park bench and throughout its life, it meets a series of characters for only a moment and sometimes many times over. The park bench becomes a symbol of importance for some of these people. As a bonus, this graphic novel has no dialogue, it’s all expressed in body language!



The lavander flower is said to be named after the Old French word lavandre, which is derived from the Latin lavare (to wash), but it’s also a possibility (and more likely) to be named after the Latin word livere, which means “blueish” (for its purple color)

For this flower, choose a book or genre that you gravitate towards when trying to break a reading slump

A Shifting of Stars CoverIt’s a little complicated. Sometimes I feel like I can’t break a reading slump no matter what I do. Sometimes it seems to break itself, but recently I’ve noticed that I don’t really try to switch genres. I just have to power through the book and I’ll somehow break through if I enjoy it. I used to give books a 100-page chance and I feel like that’s a decent page count if I want to know if I should continue it or not. When I’m in a reading slump, sometimes I can’t even get through page one! My most recent slump breaker was actually A Shifting of Stars, which is a fantasy book

So I guess my answer would be that I still keep to the fantasy genre and the book I choose varies. Blog tours also really help when I’m trying to break slumps

Also, pick a book for each color

11) For the purple lavender, I decided to be a cheater to my own tag and choose The Last Magician. Technically, Esta is a type of royal, considering the relationship she has to the Professor, and who we learn HE is in book two. But if I had to go with the typical fantasy royal, then I’ll pick Heart of Mist! I actually just finished the third book recently and I’m still crying over it

12) For the pink lavender, I chose My Fate According to the Butterfly. If you read the prompt and immediately wondered if maybe I chose it Because of this book, then yes, you are correct! In this story, Sab has a character transformation and the people around her do as well. They become more educated, filled with understanding, and decide to actually work on healing their relationships with their loved ones. Perfect for the lavender flower if you ask me



I’m being indulging here and choosing my mom’s favorite flower since she is the reason I am so fascinated by them. A fun fact about this flower is that many believe it symbolized virility because their tubers seemed to resemble testicles

For this flower, choose a book that you feel a deep connection with because it was gifted to you

I don’t have a picture for this one right now, which is going to sound contradictory to what I’m choosing it for. I lost track of it, but I know it’s in my room somewhere. For this one I choose my Spanish Bible, which was given to me by one of my former coworkers. I used to go to her house for Bible study, which, you might be thinking aren’t you agnostic?? I am, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like interacting with religion. In fact, I’m actually fascinated by it but not to the degree I’d actually believe in it.

After I stopped going to these studies, my friend gave me a copy of the bible that they use and put a note on the front title page

Also, pick a book for each color

14) For the blue orchid, I decided to go with The Madman’s Daughter, not so much the first time I read it but the second. I ended up rereading this book after having a pretty bad experience with it (and the triangle romance). I thought I would like it even less now that I’m older but I was surprised that I actually found it More enjoyable??

15) For the orange orchid, I feel like two of the books here are appropriate for a reflection of myself, but I decided to go with Pashima. It’s not so much that identify with the culture of India, but I was able to identify with being a first-generation daughter to immigrant parents. Perhaps the reason I don’t share Pri’s immense curiosity for her mother’s homeland is that there’s always been transparency in our family about our roots, which is something Pri didn’t have. Though that doesn’t make me not curious about learning more

16) For the green orchid, I decided to choose my copy of Lighter Than My Shadow. Since it’s such a bulky book, it requires a bit of extra maneuvering to find a good spot for it on my shelves. On the flip side, I could have chosen tons of other titles for this category but I went with this graphic novel because it touches on sensitive topics that I’ve felt before *points at previous prompt*

17) For the white orchid, I decided to choose The High King’s Golden Tongue because I absolutely LOVE Allen! I mean, he knows 14 languages!! But I also loved that he was a tenacious guy even when he was dismissed by his future husband, who believed Allen was just a frail prince. Like HA, Allen? Frail? Pfff. One of my favorite books

Like always, let me know what your garden looks like!

Tomorrow will be the last prompt hosted by me for the Summer Bookend Event


3 thoughts on “#BESummer19: Showing off my Bookish Garden

  1. Finally a book tag not gravitating toward characters !! ahah i’m not the best at thoses XD But I gotta say i’m quite confused about the “pick one for each color” part.. does the colors signifies anything or.. just throwing out more books ?

    Also, If I may give you a slight correction .. Lavander in french is *lavande, no r 😅 though when speaking we may throw it in there but there’s actually not. ahaha not gonna lie I stared at the word for a few seconds like “wait a minute…” and needed to google check myself..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. interesting, i wonder if at one point the word did have an r? the word does seem to exist in some form of old french (had to double check before replying xD)


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