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[Reblog] Bookending Summer 2019 Event Hosted by Clo and Sam!

I briefly, possibly sneakily, alluded to this in my last post about scheduling and well, it’s LIVE! I signed up to be one of the hosts for Clo’s Bookend Summer event a few weeks back and after some major work on her part (along with Sam from Fictionally Sam), the prompt list for July is out~

The event is mainly geared towards book bloggers, but since manga and light novels also count as books, well, why not join us? My dates are for July 22 – 24 and it would be awesome to see some anime bloggers join in the fun (and if you guys don’t…I’ll probably tag you in my posts because I’m evil like that!).

Most of the posts for this event will be here on Read at Night but as a challenge, I’ve decided to try and replicate at least three of the prompts over at My Fujoshi Life (because writing prompts are godsends!)

I will also be participating in Tidyathon and this time I plan to be a bit more prepared. I know last time I kind of just wrote that I was joining but never posted any updates…This time will be different! (lol). If I can get my butt in gear you guys will see something showing up on my Instagram as well (I’ve had a sudden burst of productivity in the last few days).

Check out the post (and Clo’s blog) for more info πŸ˜€

Book Dragons

Do you hear the sound of seagulls and waves knocking on your bookshelves? It’s time loves, for another Bookend Event! July is bringing you some summery fun as our Summer event takes place all month long, we’ve got some hot prompts lined up, twitter chats in the works and much more! Thank youΒ Sam @ Fictionally Sam as always, for being my partner in all things, these events wouldn’t be possible without Sam and I working together.Β 

Bookending Summer 2019 kicks off July 1st, and as with our Spring event, we have some awesome things lined up for those taking part. These events are open to all book bloggers – so if you’re a book blogger looking for something fun to get involved in – keep reading!

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