Let’s Talk About Mental Health: Video Games with Megan!

Another great post by Megan and one that I super enjoyed reading (OK, I enjoyed the others too but she mentions Skyrim so this gets automatic Awesome points)!!

Video games and really anything that looks or sounds violent tend to have a bad rep with the general public, but Megan shows us that they can actually be therapeutic. I wholly agree!

Nerd Rambles

Time for the third entry for the Mental Health project with Crimson. I know the last one was a bit of a downer but I didn’t want to sugar coat the subject. I promise this a lot more positive.

As the title implies I adore video games. I will admit that I might be ever so slightly obsessed, just a smidge. The thing is a fair amount of my family including my mum claim that they promote violence and blame them for some of my issues such as my lack of sleep.

First off, no they don’t. Just putting that out there, they don’t. When I was younger I was very aggressive and got into fights a lot. Here is the funny part, when I started playing games that had a lot of violence, I started to get less violent myself. I would contain my rage and unleash it on…

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