Let’s Talk About Mental Health: Autism and Anime with Megan!

For today’s “Let’s Talk About Mental Health” post, we have Megan from Nerd Rambles, talking about her experience as autistic in the anime community. Honestly, it’s super refreshing to hear great things about the anime community (especially now).

I super agree with Megan, you guys are all great and super supportive (keep being awesome!)

Also, Megan has a video that’s really well done but also gives some great tips for interacting with people with autism. Make sure to play it~

Nerd Rambles

This is the first of my posts I’m doing in collaboration with Crimson over on Read at Night for Mental Health Month.

I have talked about living with Autism multiple times but only once in depth, back in September for an OWLS Tour called Autism, Self Care and Other Issues. Even then I was terrified to post it as I was scared that I was opening myself up to hateful comments as I have received in the past.

Thankfully, the exact opposite happened. I was flooded with kind words and support. It honestly moved me to tears. It’s thanks to the support I was shown that day that I am more confident about discussing Mental Health.

I decided that the first one should be about autism and the anime community.

Before we go any further, yes I know that this topic has been done before. Heck, I have even made…

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