Currently Reading: Friendly Recommendations, Audible Titles, and Revisiting My OTPs

Hey guys! As you might have noticed (with the lack of book reviews on the blog), I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump this year…I know! I ended 2018 really well and I thought I started 2019 ok but as the months passed, I started reading less for enjoyment. I figured it was about time to start reading something fun that wasn’t fanfiction so it can count towards my Goodreads reading goals

nervous yuuri

what do you mean I’m 64 books behind?!

Since I often find myself struggling with what books to read, I decided to just start some books that others have recommended to me and it really helped!


Possibly two years ago (possibly more), my brother recommended I check out Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. Since I needed to spend some credits a few months ago (lest I lose them), I added this book to my collection. I didn’t read it, telling myself I’d get to it eventually. Eventually finally appeared!

I’m a couple chapters into this book and I’m liking and not liking it. I like the concept of the world and I feel like Sanderson really thought everything out BUT it’s very little action and lots of planning and training and talking…It hasn’t gotten boring yet but I also don’t feel terribly excited about what’s been going on

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie is actually a book that was recommended to me by my teacher. I had asked him a question about names (which I plan to pose on the blog once I remember the question exactly…) and we had a conversation. He ended up remembering a quote on names in this book and then said I should definitely read it. Soon enough, I’d found it at my local library but it wasn’t until just recently that I was able to crack it open

I’m not into the book enough to give an impression aside from that it reads easy and I’m interested in what it will cover. Maybe I’ll be able to gain some friends after reading this, hehe

Audible Titles

So apparently every month for Audible members, we are allowed to choose two Audible Original titles. I always get the emails but I usually ignore them because they don’t look interesting, however, this month there were two that caught my interest!

One of them is The Dispatcher by John Scalzi, which is a mystery that takes place in the “future” where people who are murdered come back. I liked this aspect of the story and since it was a little over two hours long, I figured it would be a quick and easy read. The Darkwater Bride by Marty Ross is a paranormal mystery set in the Victorian era, and more importantly, that cover looks cool!

I have yet to start either of these books but I plan to get to them soon (since they’re so short)

The OTP Vibes Are Strong!

I told myself this would be the year I would get to reading all my unread manga but…well, the OTP was calling me! 07 Ghost is one of my FAVORITE manga series so I’m having a great time rereading this one. Actually, to tell you all a secret, I’ve read this series three times and yet this might be the first time I will finish the series…Yup. I probably left off at volume 11 because that’s all I owned at the time

The series is great for anyone who likes BL undertones but aside from that I think the art is gorgeous and it’s about 07 ghosts/reapers that God sent down to protect humanity from Satan’s darkness. Tell me that doesn’t sound awesome

I also decided to add Seraph of the End to this list because it’s another series I started reading but never finished. I probably stopped around the time that Mika finally got a taste of Yuu’s blood *SCREAMS* That was one of the best OTP moments ok!

I’m hoping to catch up to this series (or is it complete?) so I can scream with Mel

If all goes according to plan then I should have at least 20 books read by the end of this month. I think the book I might have the most trouble with is Mistborn because I still have 18+ hours to complete and not much is happening. I try to read a little bit every day but we’ll see how it goes!

What is everyone reading? I need to fill my Goodreads TBR (lol)


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