#theJCS has a secret to tell this month~

Hey guys! Remember I mentioned that there would be more news concerning the Jon’s Creator Showcase this month? Well, I’ve come to spill the secret!


This month Jon’s Creator Showcase is hosting its second giveaway!! But there’s a little caveat. In order for the giveaway to actually happen, we need at least 60 submissions! I know, I thought throwing goods at you all would be the best way to get to my goal

As for the goodies of this giveaway…I’ve decided to leave them open-ended in that you all get to decide!


(if you win)


  1. A $20 Gift card to whatever service you like! I was going to make it Amazon only but I figured some people might like a Steam card, a bookstore gift card, a movie ticket, etc.
  2. For my book lovers, we have a couple of options. You can get a bookish gift card of your choice ($20) or ONE new book/preorder title of your choice. We’ll say a $30 max. If your new and shiny book/preorder is severely under the $20, we can do two if it doesn’t exceed a $25 limit
  3. Surprise Me. This will be me browsing the interwebs and finding something in the $20-$30 value to send to you! My choice will be based on your social media accounts

I will not be sending anything

I decided on things that could be bought by you (the winner) from wherever you live because mailing stuff is expensive! Plus, this allows for people to be more willing to participate since no addresses need to be exchanged…unless you choose the Surprise Me option, since it’s supposed to be a surprise

How do you win the goodies?

As some of you might have noticed, I created a moment on Twitter called JCS April Edition where I am compiling all of the submissions this month. You will all have a number assigned as I add you to this moment. Once the month ends (and we reach our 60 submission goal), I will randomly choose a number (generator) to decide our winner!

So far we have 20 submissions. If your submission has not been added to this moment as of this post going live, I have not seen it so please tag me

**You can still win if you don’t have a Twitter, just send me your submission via any other social media and I will tweet it out for you**

When will the winner be notified?

The winner will be chosen and announced during the day on May 1st but remember, submission close at the end of the month. I will give a few days to let the winner contact me so please don’t go MIA during the first week~

If we get +90 submissions

We might get another surprise 😉

Let’s Get Hyping!!

If anyone has any questions about the giveaway, ask away!


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