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[Blog Tour] Reign of Mist (The Oremere Chronicles #2) by Helen Scheuerer

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Hey guys! WOW, I can’t believe it’s already September and that I had the chance to read an e-Arc of Reign of Mist. If you guys remember, I actually reviewed the first book about a year ago when I signed up for a tour hosted by That Bookshelf Bitch. Well, now I’m here again, a year later with the chance to read the second book before it hits stores!

p.s. I made the mistake of thinking I could finish the book, write the blog post, move back to the school dorms, AND work like a sensible human, all within 48 hours. Suffice to say I gripped my car’s steering wheel tighter than usual and oh how I wished for teleportation powers (again). Also, yasss links have been added to the post!

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Heart of Mist by Helen Scheuerer  ●  Publication Date: September 13, 2018  ●  Publisher: Talem Press

The realm’s darkest secret is out.

The cruelty of the capital and the power-hungry King Arden have scattered Bleak and her companions across the continents.

On the run in a foreign land, Bleak finds herself tied to some unexpected strangers. When the answers she yearns for are finally within reach, she must face the hard truths of her past, and take her fate into her own hands before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, secrets and magic unravel as a dark power corrupts the realm. Bleak’s friends are forced to decide where their loyalties lie, and who, if anyone, they can trust.

But one thing is certain: war is coming, and they must all be ready when it does.

Intriguing and action-packed, Reign of Mist is the second instalment in Helen Scheuerer’s epic YA fantasy series, The Oremere Chronicles.

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Where do I even begin without accidentally spoiling the book?!

This book picks up directly after book one where Bleak has sailed into the Mist. I think this book does a great job of keeping up the pace of the action and the characters IF you read the first book directly before this. Since it’s been about a year for me and I have a terrible memory, I had a bit of trouble recalling what had happened previously. But once I got my reminder, I was in for the ride

I feel like this book is what you would expect from the second book in a series. There are A LOT of things happening now that the King has been exposed. We’re still following the story via four different points of views (Bleak, Henri, Dash, and Swinton) and it’s hard to pick which I preferred to read from. Bleak has recently discovered her origins while on Oremere, Henri is rallying forces for the upcoming battle (ok I admit this part was a bit on the boring side), Dash is in danger (GASP), and Swinton is torn between doing what he knows is right and keeping his loved ones safe

I’m really excited to see where the plot is going to go from here. While we did get a battle at the end, what seemed to be the focus here was building up the plot and character development. There were a lot of things I hoped would be covered because of hints from the first book (Dash’s heritage and Swinton’s development) and things I hadn’t even expected (let’s just say Valia). Speaking of Dash, I’m really excited about how “involved” he was in this book. In book one, I felt like we were only starting to get to know him, but with the king actively attacking the Ashai, I feel like he’s going to become a major character. Also, trying not to scream here because I want to know what he’s going to do or think when he learns about his origins!!!

I also found myself interested in future character involvements and THE DRAMA. For one, Olena and Prince Nazuri’s future involvement, Swinton’s growth (though his growth in this book had me a little confused since he doesn’t seem really committed to what he’s doing yet), Princess Olena and Dash’s reunion (GASP), and even what’s happening with Henri and the kindred of Valia.

As for why I didn’t give this book a solid 5/5 like I did Heart of Mist. It’s mainly the plot…I wasn’t really convinced. I get that Ines, the Queen of Oremere, is plotting with the king and she has evil torturous henchmen, but she doesn’t feel as developed as any of the other characters even though she’s supposed to be the main antagonist (she feels very typical bad guy and since Helen’s made such rounded and developed characters, I kind of expected more). This makes me less invested in the actual physical war since I’m too busy being emotional over our main cast. Not to mention the whole royalty shebang that was introduced and explained! I understood it after they mentioned it a couple times (it’s the names! I’m so bad at remembering new characters) but I felt it was a bit sudden. I get that we got a couple hints in book one, with Bleak’s memories of her parents being killed, but it just didn’t feel as integrated as I would have liked. There’s also another thing I want to mention but that goes into spoiler territory. My only hint on this is “Mariette”. I was not only not expecting it but also confused

Not really related but Bren is officially on my dislike list. I feel like RAGING. Like how could he say those things?!

Anywho, I can’t wait for book 3!



Helen Scheuerer is a YA fantasy author from Sydney, Australia. Reign of Mist is the second book in her high fantasy trilogy, The Oremere Chronicles. After writing literary fiction for a number of years, Helen was inspired to return to her childhood love of fantasy thanks to novels like Throne of Glass, The Queen’s Poisoner and The Queen of the Tearling.

Helen is also the Founding Editor of Writer’s Edit (, an online learning platform for emerging writers. In its first year, Writer’s Edit reached thousands of new authors, and soon became its own small press, with Helen overseeing the production and publication of three creative writing anthologies, Kindling Volume I, Volume II and Volume III. It’s now one of the largest writing websites in the world.

Helen’s love of writing and books led her to pursue a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Creative Writing at the University of Wollongong. While the Kindling books were being published, Helen also completed a Masters of Publishing at the University of Sydney.

Helen now lives by the beach and writes full time. She has many more books planned for the future.

Website | Twitter | Goodreads | FacebookInstagram



It’s been such a long time since I was last in a Blog Tour Twitter Chat. One year exactly actually, since Heart of Mist! I’m super glad and excited that both Helen and Shealea decided to pull all the stops for this launch because this book (this series!) totally deserves it

Don’t forget to join us on September 10th at 8am CST, 9am EST, and 6am PST. For people in the Pacific, I know, it’s so early but it would be awesome if you joined! Not just because I’m sure it’s going to be fun, but because you can get some fun swag ^^

We will be tweeting with the tag #MistPH. Not just the chat but live tweets and dying whale noises (on my behalf)


Tour Schedule (Reign of Mist)

There are actually a few (a lot) of participants for this tour. Yes, that’s how good this book and series are. Make sure to check out everyone’s posts, especially if you’d like something more concise than my blabbering! Oh, and we also have a giveaway happening (who doesn’t like Free Money and Swag?!) so make sure to check that out too ^^

Since I’m closer to the beginning of the tour, I’ll be coming back to this post to add links to everyone’s posts as they get published!

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Thanks for stopping by! And like always, if you’ve read the book, what did you think? I know I really wanted to give this book a 5/5 because I LOVE the first book but there was just something missing in this one. But I think it’s okay because second books usually feel a little in limbo because they’re used to setup a lot of stuff for the next book. I’m still super pumped about the series and am sure book three is going to be a blast

And if you haven’t checked it out yet, do you plan to? Has my rambling convinced you to? If it hasn’t, there’s a list of many other bloggers who also enjoyed the book! Hehe

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