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Submit to the April Edition of the Jon’s Creator Showcase!

Can you guys believe it’s already my turn to host the Showcase?! Funny story: I was so excited about the JCS that I accidentally thought I was the host for last month. Phew, good thing I didn’t schedule anything because THAT would have been super embarrassing. But it’s fine, I triple checked that I am indeed the host this month 😉 Continue reading


Audible Original: The Dispatcher by John Scalzi

I’ve been an Audible member for a while now but it wasn’t until just this month that I finally got my two free Audible originals. I usually skip the option because the books they offer us don’t look very appealing but this month was different. One of the books that I nabbed was The Dispatcher by John Scalzi and performed by Zachary Quinto.

I’ve never heard of this author or narrator but I thought the cover looked interestingly eery and when I read the summary, I knew I wanted to read it Continue reading

So Many Readthons, Not Enough Reading

I’m pretty sure it’s obvious at this point but I am WEAK to readathons and challenges and reading bingo cards. I always click on those posts even though I’m 100% sure I’m not going to recognize the titles. I just like checking out the prompts and what people pick for them. And I always fall prey to attempting the challenges and then not doing anything Continue reading

A Talk on Sexuality – Am I Straight, Gay, Bi, or Pan?

Hey guys! Today I have another identity-related post. ICYMI, two weeks ago I posted My Pronouns and Gender Identity – What are Yours? and I was so happy with the comments and feedback that I received!! I was actually really nervous about that post but I’m glad it resonated with the people who read it. Today I have another topic I’d like to cover: sexuality Continue reading

Bookending Spring 2019: 13 Benefits of Buying Physical Books

It’s been a while since I last was able to let loose like this. Hopefully, you all enjoy this quirky post! I just knew I had to write something for this prompt by Michelle when I saw it on the Bookending Spring prompt list. Technically the original is 5 benefits but I couldn’t stop once I started writing so, oops, here’s 13 of them (I’m tempted to write another, I had to stop myself here lol)! This post is also officially my third post for the event which means I’ve SUCCEEDED in a challenge~ Continue reading