Let’s Talk About Mental Health – May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

You guys have no idea how excited I am about this month. It’s weird. I already had this plan to talk about mental health in May without knowing it was mental health awareness month, so I was thinking it was a perfect coincidence that things lined up. Now we can get to know each other more closely and hopefully create a friendly dialogue, awareness, and understanding! Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Mental Health – May is Mental Health Awareness Month!”

Let’s Talk About Mental Health: Video Games with Megan!

Another great post by Megan and one that I super enjoyed reading (OK, I enjoyed the others too but she mentions Skyrim so this gets automatic Awesome points)!!

Video games and really anything that looks or sounds violent tend to have a bad rep with the general public, but Megan shows us that they can actually be therapeutic. I wholly agree!

Nerd Rambles

Time for the third entry for the Mental Health project with Crimson. I know the last one was a bit of a downer but I didn’t want to sugar coat the subject. I promise this a lot more positive.

As the title implies I adore video games. I will admit that I might be ever so slightly obsessed, just a smidge. The thing is a fair amount of my family including my mum claim that they promote violence and blame them for some of my issues such as my lack of sleep.

First off, no they don’t. Just putting that out there, they don’t. When I was younger I was very aggressive and got into fights a lot. Here is the funny part, when I started playing games that had a lot of violence, I started to get less violent myself. I would contain my rage and unleash it on…

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Let’s Talk About Mental Health – Student Stress with Megan!

And we’re back with another “Let’s Talk About Mental Health” post with Megan from Nerd Rambles!

In this post, Megan talks about stress and school, which is a super relatable topic (unfortunately). Many times we see bloggers take long breaks to focus on school but it’s not just getting coursework done that really burns people out in the long run. Honestly, I wish this problem was addressed more properly by schools

Megan, you’re doing a great job! We’re cheering for you on this side of the world ^^

Nerd Rambles

Part two of the Mental Health Month Project. Heads up, this one is not going to be as positive as the last.

College is a painful yet rewarding experience. For the most part, I have really enjoyed studying this year, making friends and learning new skills. Unfortunately, at this point in time, the stress overpowers the few successes.

This is my second time studying at college. In fact, this very blog was born from a class assignment from my time at the original college. Outside of the friends I made, this little website is the best thing to come out of that college. Let’s just say I don’t have a lot of nice things to say and if you can’t say anything nice, you know the drill.

This time around is far more stressful for me since I ended up losing my chance for University because my graded unit mark…

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Let’s Talk About Mental Health: What Stresses Me Out?

Since I finished up my last post, I’ve been wondering if I should write this post up. Technically these are things you can start picking up in the other posts, but then I thought, might as well. Sometimes it helps to write things out so that they can finally be out in the open and away from my thoughts Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Mental Health: What Stresses Me Out?”

Let’s Talk Mental Health: Working Retail and Mental Health with Kristina!

Hello !!

This is my first post for Crimson’s “Let’s talk about Mental health” month ! First, you should know that i’m working as a Barista at a Canadian coffee shop – not sure if you’d personally consider it “retail” per say.. but let me tell you i’ve gotten quite some demanding customers anyway, so i’m including it 😅 Continue reading “Let’s Talk Mental Health: Working Retail and Mental Health with Kristina!”

Let’s Talk About Mental Health: Autism and Anime with Megan!

For today’s “Let’s Talk About Mental Health” post, we have Megan from Nerd Rambles, talking about her experience as autistic in the anime community. Honestly, it’s super refreshing to hear great things about the anime community (especially now).

I super agree with Megan, you guys are all great and super supportive (keep being awesome!)

Also, Megan has a video that’s really well done but also gives some great tips for interacting with people with autism. Make sure to play it~

Nerd Rambles

This is the first of my posts I’m doing in collaboration with Crimson over on Read at Night for Mental Health Month.

I have talked about living with Autism multiple times but only once in depth, back in September for an OWLS Tour called Autism, Self Care and Other Issues. Even then I was terrified to post it as I was scared that I was opening myself up to hateful comments as I have received in the past.

Thankfully, the exact opposite happened. I was flooded with kind words and support. It honestly moved me to tears. It’s thanks to the support I was shown that day that I am more confident about discussing Mental Health.

I decided that the first one should be about autism and the anime community.

Before we go any further, yes I know that this topic has been done before. Heck, I have even made…

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Let’s Talk About Mental Health: Memory, Perspective, and My Problem Opening Up

A picture is worth a thousand words because everyone who looks at it sees something different. They notice things in a different order and they have lived different experiences, which influence their perspective. When multiple people look at the same picture and share their thoughts, we can see that they build on what has already been said (and what hasn’t been said). Moments and events in life work the same way and memory is a tricky thing Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Mental Health: Memory, Perspective, and My Problem Opening Up”